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How to increase ROI on Social Media Investments?

By R PAUL SINGH on 04, Apr, 2012

Whenever you ask a marketing executive about his/her company’s investment in social media, we hear this statement a lot - “Our social media investments just don’t quite work like online ad investments such as Google PPC and hence it is very difficult to measure ROI in social media.” We examine the reasons and recommend some solutions in this article. Read more

Will HTC continue to lead Samsung and Apple in holiday sales of smartphones?

By R PAUL SINGH on 18, Nov, 2011

In analyzing social media data for intent to purchase, we were surprised to notice that HTC still seem to lead intent to purchase followed by Samsung and Apple which is consistent with the market share data of Q3, 2011 released by Canalys. However, Samsung Galaxy SII seems to be handset with the highest intent to purchase followed by Apple iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation 4G. Read more

Is Amazon Kindle Tablet going to affect sales of Apple iPad or Android Tablets?

By R PAUL SINGH on 15, Nov, 2011

Since the announcement of Amazon Kindle Fire on September 28, 2011, the Tablet market has changed dramatically. In analyzing Intent to purchase data from the social networks, we see that Amazon Kindle Fire is more likely to take sales away from Android and other tablets than from Apple iPad. Read more

The Importance Of Distinguishing Features In Online Branding

By R. PAUL SINGH on 03, Nov, 2011

While we were writing some blogs, we thought of adding thumbnails of various tablets. Then started our search on Google and Yahoo! for images of various tablets. What we found was an utter lack of branding in the tablet marketplace — except in the case of Apple. Read more

How does social media describe Steve Jobs?

19, Oct, 2011

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5 after battling pancreatic cancer for almost a decade. Read more

Popular Steve Jobs quotes on social media

19, Oct, 2011

Steve Jobs has always been known for his inspiring speeches. When he died at 56, SocialNuggets decided to see which of his thoughts are most quoted on social media. We mined social data on the days following his death and came up with a poster with his most popular quotes. Go ahead download this wallpaper as a tribute to this genius. Read more

Social Media reactions to Apple iPhone 4S announcement – Will people buy and why?

By R PAUL SINGH on 18, Oct, 2011

Apple announced 4S on Oct 4th, 2011. Since that time, SocialNuggets, a company providing social media analytics for consumer electronics, has been analyzing social media conversations to determine which of  the announced features of iPhone 4S got the most mentions and the sentiments around each of these. Three of its features including New Camera, Simultaneous availability on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon and Siri command over 55% of the share of voice amongst all other features Apple announced. The intent to purchase stands at a respectable 69%. Read more

Should Apple have called iPhone 4S as iPhone 5 since it met 80% of social media expectation?

By R. PAUL SINGH on 05, Oct, 2011

Apple announced its iPhone 4S and social media was buzzing with disappointment as it was expecting iPhone 5. Surprisingly some of the well known bloggers and wall street also showed its disappointment since they were expecting an iPhone 5. Was market disappointed because Apple didn’t call it iPhone 5 or was it for the lack of features in this announcement? We examined social media conversations today as well as for the last few months to come to our conclusions. Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire is hot according to social media


In the months leading up to the press conference earlier this week, speculation about the prospects for Amazon’s new tablet reached a crescendo.  Would the new tablet be a worthy competitor?  Might it even dethrone the iPad? Read more

What can marketers learn from HP’s $99 TouchPad pricing and its after effects

By R PAUL SINGH on 12, Sep, 2011

At SocialNuggets, we have been analyzing social media conversations on Tablets and saw some interesting marketing lessons that we thought we will share with everyone. Read more

What can Mobile Advertisers learn from Social Media?


Mobile Advertising is becoming an important component of the marketing mix of companies, local and global, thanks to the rapid penetration of Smartphones and Tablets.  This blog elaborates on how mobile advertisers can take cues from online social conversations and use it to gain competitive advantage. Read more

What could have HP learnt from social media to avoid Touchpad disaster?

By R PAUL SINGH on 22, Aug, 2011

As you may know, HP announced that it is shutting down Touchpad and  reduced its price to $99.  After this announcement, we went back to the social media data we have collected over months and tried to see how and what HP could have learnt from social media to help it make the right decision. Read more

Google’s buyout of Motorola – Winners and Losers from social media

By R. PAUL SINGH on 15, Aug, 2011

We scoured through social media data to see who the winners and losers were in Google’s acquisition of Motorola. Some of them are very obvious. Motorola and Microsoft in the winners section, and Android OEMs such as HTC, Samsung and LG in the losers section. However, it is unclear whether Apple, Nokia, RIM and Mobile operators are winners or losers in this race. Here are some of our thoughts. Please add your comments: Read more

How can Social media data improve a company's bottom line?

By R. PAUL SINGH on 02, Aug, 2011

Compare brand/product perception with competitors' counterparts

Social media allows you to not only look at how your company is fairing in social media conversations, but you can also look at your competitors as well. Read more

What did we learn from social media data on its power of predictability? A case study of LG Optimus smartphone from SocialNuggets

29, May, 2011

Everytime, we present new data from social media on various smartphones, many skeptics ask me so what? I have been pondering on this question myself and here is some background after which we will discuss what we found from our smartphone data for April and May 2011. Background SocialNuggets proactively listens to social media and mines about 1M conversations on smartphones from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Review sites and Forums. Then using our NLP (natural language processing) technology and sentiment engine we classify every post on the type of handset, model details, features and sentiments and that data is then put into a giant data warehouse for analysis. Read more

American Express Maintains Leadership Position in SocialNuggets Top 10 Bank Index

02, May, 2011

SocialNuggets released its BankInsight for Q1, 2011. Having analyzed over 300,000 social media conversations, the BankInsight shows that sentiments have dipped slightly this quarter from Q4, 2010 but most banks maintained their brand presence. American Express maintained its leadership position. JP Morgan Chase increased its net perception score this quarter as well as its share of voice, but seems to have specific difficulty in maintaining its share of voice in Twitter. Orchard Bank also showed the most improvements from last quarter with the company becoming a new entry in the Top 10 SocialNuggets Index. Read more

Why we created SocialNuggets.Net? Technology behind our analytics on smartphones

28, Apr, 2011

SocialNuggets delivers real time market intelligence for fast moving industries by analyzing data from various social media sources. Our mission is to liberate social media data and sentiment analysis for use in real time research of brands, products and features. This blog post discusses the following: Read more

How similar are Oscars 2011 forecasts from SocialNuggets Vs Academy's decisions

27, Feb, 2011

As the whole world was trying to predict the winners of 2011's Academy Awards/Oscars winners, we thought of listening to the pulse of people by measuring their sentiments and volume on various social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. We at SocialNuggets published our forecasts on the Slideshare site and now it is time to look at how, we the public, did by way of our social media conversations Vs Academy. So this blog has three sections Read more