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Who wins the smartphone manufacturer race in Q3, 2011?

The leading smartphone manufacturer in Q3, 2011 is HTC. With its 6 new releases in Q3, it has had the highest SocialNuggets Index consistently. 

Motorola has had a fairly steady quarter with 18 new releases. Samsung has also had a fairly stable quarter and is ahead of Apple and Nokia throughout the quarter. This could largely be attributed to...
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SocialNuggets Index of Top 10 Smartphones for April 2012
Rank Model Change 03/12 12/11
1 Samsung Galaxy Note 1st NA
2 Samsung Galaxy SII 2nd 1st
3 Apple iPhone 4S 3rd 2nd

Chart: Week on Week, Q3 - SM manufacturers SNI

Week on Week, Q3 - SM manufacturers SNI
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